10 Germ-Spreading Habits to Give Up Now

Chewing on pens

Portrait of a dark braided hair woman chewing her pencil while working home on her laptop. She is sitting at a big white table in a luminous place, wearing casual clothes. Focus on the womanJack Frog/Shutterstock

Do you know where that pen has been?! Even if you do, your mouth should probably not be one of those places. If the pen belongs to you, that still means your maybe-not-so-clean hands have touched it, and since chewing on a pen is usually a nervous habit that you do automatically, chances are you haven’t taken into account the cleanliness of the pen, or of your hands. Plus, gnawing on pens isn’t great for your teeth, either.

Opening things with your teeth

Little Asian baby learning to take a straw out from its package by using her teeth - allowing baby to solve problem in his / her own way to develop their problem solving skillOle_CNX/Shutterstock

Yes, sometimes when you can’t get a package open, it may seem more convenient (and, occasionally, more effective!) to get it started using your choppers. However, not only can this be potentially damaging to your teeth, but it can also spread germs. In addition to the germs from your own mouth being transferred to the package, you’re also making contact with any germs that were already present on the packaging. Check out 10 other surprising habits that could be making you sick.