12 female athletes that inspire Ily

Just before everybody and their cat starts posting up their new years resolutions, lists of things accomplished and wishes for 2016 (like we all know happens every year) I’m putting the finishing touches on a list of 12 inspirational women that lifted my inner Fit Girl spirits this past year. Every month I hand picked one athlete that inspired me and wrote her name on my calendar and today I wanted to share with you.

12 female athletes that inspire Ily

1. Lucia Rijker – Boxing professional


Inspirational because she is one of the greatest boxers in the game. Shares her talent with others and stays true to herself.

2 Sifan Hassan – Long distance runner


Inspirational because of her drive and persistent attitude towards her profession.

3. Dafne Schippers – Sprinter


Inspirational because she wants to be the best at all times.

4.  Michaela DePrince – Ballet Dancer


Inspirational because of her perseverance and her beauty, inside and out. Michaela is breaking barriers , she knows it and she does it so beautifully.

5. Floor van Putten – Bodybuilder

She’s inspirational because of her drive, her impressive physique and her astonishing personality.

6. Rocky Hehakaija-  Street Soccer player


Inspirational because of her philanthropic heart, drive, determination and straight up bad-ass-ness.

7.  Misty Copeland – Ballet Dancer


Inspirational because of her impeccable ballet skills, her poise and her beauty.

8. Christine Ohuruogu –  Sprinter


Inspirational because of her ongoing drive, her million dollar smile and her killer abs.

9. Quiana Welch-  Crossfitter

Inspirational because of her strength, her patience, the ways she promotes realness and her contagious smile.

10. Serena Williams – Tennis player


Inspirational because of her straight up realness, her drive to be the best tennis player in the whole wide world and the love and band she and her sister Venus share. It reminds me of my own sister ?

11. Sanya Richards-Ross – Sprinter


Inspirational because of her beauty, her fashion sense, her strength. Sanya reminds me of Flo-Jo when she is on the track, I can’t take my eyes of her, such an incredible and inspirational woman.

12. Ronda Rousey – K1 Fighter & Judoka


Inspirational because of her no bullshit attitude, her mindset and her strength. Ronda is known for being the baddest in town and I wouldn’t dare to say that isn’t true!

I’d love to know who inspires you, let me know in the comments or on @ily_fitgirl!