Is Criticism Helpful?

25 mars 2019 admin 0

J’ai tendance à consulter Facebook environ 3 fois par jour, chaque visite à des fins de travail. Auparavant, pendant l’une de ces vérifications, j’aimais bien […]

The Secret of Change

4 mars 2019 admin 0

Working in magazines taught me many things. I learned how to edit, develop a story idea, and share information in a way that helps people take […]

Trouver le bonheur

27 décembre 2018 admin 0

I have an important confession to make that might change the way you look at me. But I don’t care. This needs to be shared. […]

Improving The Fitness Industry

21 décembre 2018 admin 0

Listen to the constant chatter about fitness and nutrition, and you’d assume the health industry was broke. I admittedly have become tired of reading blog […]