Fit Girl in Rome

I went on a trip to Rome and searched for the most special recipes and traditonal Roman dishes. I went there for the weekend with my love and I would like to share with you some of my best experiences. Touristic runs, Pasta’s, gelatto, veggies and traditional dishes!

My boyfriend and I stayed at this supercute B&B “Quodlibet”. The owner was so kind to give us a map and drew the best routes to discover the city in 4 days and taste the best foods in Rome. He even drew a running course :D. Check out the pictures of the delicious foods we discovered and what activities we did to stay fit even with all these delicious foods!

IMG_1822 The orange drink you see is the the well known apperitivo  “Aperol Spritz“. It is a very fresh almost “cocktail like” drink  with aperol (orange kind of liquor) and prosecco. The food is a mixed platter with different traditional Roman  appetizers, a.k.a “antipasti” This platter mostly contains fried delicacies.
-Carciofi alla Giudia: Fried artichoke.
-Fiori di zucca: Fried zuccini flower. (my favorite!)
-Filetti di baccala: Fried cod.
-Suppli breadcrumbed, fried croquettes made of rice in Bolognese sauce, filled with mozzarella cheese.

As a main dish I had grilled squid and my boyfriend had pasta. This was our first evening en we already started with so many yummy things (yes I defenitly am a foodie!)