Get That #SquatBooty With This Gym Workout

This squat workout will fire up your glutes and get you that Instagram-workout #SquatBooty. Give it a try next time your'e at the gym!

Get an Instagram-worthy booty by lifting heavy stuff.

We love bodyweight movements, but there’s something so empowering about putting a heavy weight on your back and proving to yourself that you’re so much stronger than you think! Plus, the benefits to the booty are pretty great too. It’s time to grow those glutes nice and strong, and this squat workout will help with that for SURE.

This is one of my favorite weighted squat workouts, so next time you’re at the gym, stroll into that weight room and claim that squat rack as your own. When you select a weight to use for this, choose something that allows you to complete the moves with proper form, but is still challenging. It’s supposed to feel heavy – that’s the point!

6 sets of:
6 Pause Back Squats
6 Regular Squats
Rest 45-60 seconds

For the pause squats, hold the position at the bottom for 1-2 seconds, then stand back up. Keep your heels on the ground for the entire movement, your chest up, and your eyes forward. Engage your core the entire time! During the rest time, get a quick stretch and keep your legs loose. Avoiding sitting down- you don’t have that much time to really rest, anyway, because those 45-60 seconds are gonna fly right on by.

I encourage you do to this workout again later, and see how you can increase the weight and really test your strength! Growing stronger is a lot of fun. Try it- you’ll soon become addicted to the feeling. And strength training is so beneficial for fat loss as well, in addition to building those sexy lines of definition and strong muscles! Try one of these strength training workouts to keep on making that progress.

Let us know what you think of this workout!