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Diet-To-Go: Ambassador Reviews




The proper diet is key to weight loss and overall health, but diets can be easily derailed by lack of time, lack of energy, lack of creativity in the kitchen.

Increase your odds of weight loss success through healthy eating with Diet-To-Go: award-winning chef-crafted recipes delivered to your door. All the work has been done for you, from the calorie-counting to the chopping to the meal preparation. It’s like having your own nutritionist and personal chef.

Choose from one of three meal plans— Traditional, Vegetarian, or Low-Carb— the number of meals you receive per week and the frequency of your orders. With Diet-to-Go there is no long term commitment or hidden fees.

A team of FitFluential Ambassadors taste-tested the offerings of Diet-To-Go. Click through to read their full reviews!


I never once thought or felt that I was eating a diet meal.  I never felt that I was cutting food out or depriving myself of nutrients. –Running With the Girls

When I used to live on Wall Street, I occasionally saw diet-delivery boxes outside my neighbors’ doors, and you read about the fancy services the stars use. I figured you had to have many leatherbound books and mahogany furniture to use a service like this, but I was wrong. –Losing Weight in the City

I will be completely honest and say that I expected the meals to be boring, bland, and just not very exciting. My tastebuds and stomach are so glad that I was wrong. Everything tasted wonderful and was seasoned well… As a bonus, I also discovered that many of the meals are on MyFitnessPal already, so you don’t need to enter all the nutrition manually if you track your foods that way. –Skinny Emmie

I was honestly super impressed by each and everyone of these meals. A couple of my favorites were the fajita omelet, mushroom strata, turkey & swiss sandwich, and the tamale pie. I also loved the fact that they listed the nutrition facts and ingredients of each meal right on the package. –My Food N’ Fitness Diaries

I love the fact that they don’t make you sign a contract so there is no commitment required. And of course, 100% satisfaction guarantee doesn’t hurt either. –Losing It and Loving It

I received three days worth of Diet-To-Go meals to try out and I must say they were yummy. They were so easy to prepare, or for some just grab out of the fridge and eat… I have tried other diet delivery programs in the past and I will say from my experience this is by far the best. –Crazy and Cool with a Side of Crafty

Diet-to-Go offers fresh meals. Not prepackaged, chemically-driven-sit-on-your-shelf-for-up-to-two-years meals. Fresh meals… And here’s the good part: Any meal can be substituted for dislikes or allergies. –Swim. Bike. Mom.

Overall, I was very impressed with Diet-to-Go. I chose their low-fat meal plan (they also have low-carb and vegetarian) and thought meals from a diet delivery service would be pretty similar to the Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones dinners I buy at the grocery store, but was surprised by the food options. There were many delicious and exciting meals that I had never had as healthy meal choices before. Plus the meals tasted much better than many premade diet, or reduced calorie, meals. –Back at Square Zero

All were absolutely delicious, made with top-quality ingredients that required nothing more than a quick heat-up before enjoying. Talk about time saving! Some of the entrees were new to me: tamale pie and a mushroom strata. Many gave me new ideas for my own cooking and meal prep for the family. I also learned more about portion sizes and saw exactly what I got for approx. 500 calories as well as how I felt after. -Marcia’s Healthy Slice

I was expecting the meals to be maybe one step up from frozen supermarket diet meals and I was completely wrong. The fajita omelet, for example, was delicious. It made me wish that I was the type of person who woke up early and could make omelets for breakfast every day. -The Happy Runner

Fresh. Flavorful. Delicious. Healthy. –Neon Blonde Runner

The verdict? The food was good! The meals were satisfying not only with taste but also variety. I never felt hungry and on the meals that included yogurt I saved the yogurt for a smoothie later in the day. –Jill Conyers

My Diet-To-Go did a great job incorporating a balanced whole food approach with each and every meal. There were fruits and or vegetables planned and portioned in every meal. I never felt hungry afterwards and was always satisfied. –Running Rachel

The truth is I have never cooked a vegetable that didn’t come in a steam-fresh bag. Laugh if you will but I don’t think I am the only one and to be honest those bags do not taste nearly as good as the veggies I had in my Diet-to-Go kits! Each meal tasted so fresh! –Run Run Mom

Their breakfast meals were my favorite, offering a mushroom strata with yogurt, a fajita omelet and a raisin bran muffin with yogurt. I found that the meals I tried were well made and had excellent nutritional information and ingredient lists included. –There Are 2 Sides

I’m typically skeptical about ANYTHING pre-packaged and/or frozen and I buy very few for our house. However, most of the DTG meals far exceeded my expectations. I was quite surprised by the quality and the taste of these meals. –The MF Dre

While eating these meals I never thought I was eating a “diet” or “prepared” meal. There wasn’t that “no taste” or “cardboard taste” we normally associate with prepared meals. I felt full but not weighed down and NEVER felt like I was cutting calories. –Fueled by Iron



I’m not into quick fixes, pre-processed foods or any of these liquid diets. I’ve never recommended them for my clients and I never will. But Diet-to-Go is different. I know you’ll be getting fresh, well-balanced meals that contain natural preservatives. –Be Fit with Kristen

Diet-to-Go meals not only look great but they have recently been rated as the #1 diet delivery service by a blind taste test conducted by Epicurious….and I would totally agree! –Living the Dream

My favorite part of the diet delivery was the ease of packing lunch for work. Without having to think about anything I had a healthy, flavorful meal and no urge to overeat or snack my way through the day. –Mom running on empty

Everything was tasty, took like 2.2 seconds to prep and required absolutely no thinking on my part. My favorites were definitely the fajitas and that broccoli cheese soup — I could get down with those whenever, and meals were filling and I didn’t beg for an emergency Yogurtini trip afterward. Win! –night cheese

The meals definitely delivered on protein and flavor but I questioned the amount of sugar and sodium. –a healthier, happier bear

Overall, I LOVED Diet-To-Go! The food was very tasty and filling. –The Secret Life of Kelsey

This is a great company with great meals, if you are struggling to fit healthy eating into your schedule, or even just want a break from cooking – I would highly suggest Diet-to-Go!! –Pilates Makes You Happy

…if you have been seeing any of my recent tweets you may have noticed me all but drooling over my meals that Diet-to-Go sent me. Okay, I may have actually drooled over a few of them. –Shanamama

-It was nice not to have to think about what I was going to eat the next day.
-All of the meals were delicious.
-I ate different foods than I usually would.
-I can read all of the ingredients.
–It’s a Harleyyy Life

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