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Football Food: Game Plan for Healthy Eating

For many of us, fall means football season. It kicks off a string of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Just like those holidays, football means a ton of get-togethers. If your friends and family are anything like mine, that means you’re going to be constantly surrounded by food. What a blessing and a curse, am I right? If you’re working on eating healthily this time of year, you’re going to need a game plan.

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Home Field Advantage

The best way to control what you eat and drink while watching the game is to host the party. If that isn’t an option, offer to supply some of the food and drinks. That way, you’ll know there is something there you can definitely enjoy. With a few healthy snacks in your arsenal, you don’t have to go into the game totally unprepared.

False Start

In an actual game, a false start is totally lame. In tailgating, it’s a great way to prevent overeating. Have a small, protein packed snack before the party. You’re less likely to make poor choices based on hunger right from the start. You’ll also feel fuller longer, which will come in handy the thirtieth time someone says “You gotta try this!”

Illegal Substitution

During a game, this is an embarrassing situation at best. When it comes to football snacks, though, never be afraid to make changes to the lineup. Feel free to steal from the veggie tray and use them to scoop up some dip in place of the chips. And, let’s be real, the cheese is the star of that show anyway.

Water Boy

One of the best and most basic ways to keep your hunger in check is to hit the water cooler often. Thirst and hunger are easy to confuse, so make sure you don’t actually need a glass of water when you’re reaching for that extra serving of football-shapes sweets. If you’re going to drink alcohol, keep it simple and continue to drink water between drinks. You’ll thank us later.


Control the Clock

Football watching (and snacking) is more of a marathon than a sprint. Use your time wisely! During half time, get outside and play a game of your own. Instead of posting up by the snack table, enjoy some time with your fellow football fans. If you aren’t staring at the cookies, you’re less likely to dive face first into them.

No Excessive Celebration

Don’t go nuts in the end zone, y’all. However, you are partying so don’t deprive yourself. One game day won’t make or break you. Spending time with your family and friends isn’t always the time to worry too much about your macros. Enjoy yourself!

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