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Proper Hydration for Exercise




The heat is on! Are you properly hydrated? 12 takeaways from our recent hydration chat with sponsor Designer Whey:

  1. Remember, you don’t have to drink just water! Other fluids and foods with high water content (like coconut water, cucumbers, watermelons & spinach!) count.
  2. Keep a jug of water with you and mark it to show how much water you need to drink hourly to stay on track. Or keep your empty glasses/bottles out to make sure you’ve covered your daily requisite.
  3. There’s no magic number to aim for. Drink in response to thirst, or until you achieve light-colored urine.
  4. Caffeine can be a diuretic so limit your caffeine intake.
  5. You can’t perform optimally when dehydrated. Runners: your pace slows 2% for each percentage of body weight lost with dehydration. (More than 2% body weight lost means you really need to drink up!)
  6. During summer, you’ll tend to sweat more than you hydrate during a workout. And dehydration can be cumulative over hot days. Think of yourself hydrating tonight to help fuel tomorrow’s work!
  7. If you don’t rehydrate properly you’ll slow down recovery; core temperature rises and less blood is available to your muscles. Since blood and fluids remove waste and bring nutrients to tissues you must bring your core temp back down by rehydrating.
  8. Water lubricates joints & transports nutrients. Without it you may experience fatigue, cramping, dizziness or more serious consequences.
  9. Proper hydration during workout should include electrolytes, nutrients and protein to maximize your performance and recovery.
  10. If you’re dizzy, disoriented, stopped sweating, have goose bumps or clammy skin, STOP. These are signs of serious dehydration. Find shade & help. Severe dehydration combined with exercise can lead to heatstroke, which can be fatal. Stay hydrated, stay safe.
  11. A possible guideline to hydrate for a workout would be drinking 20 ounces two to three hours before; eight ounces 30 minutes before. Keep going with eight ounces for every 10-20 minutes of activity, and another eight ounces within a half hour post-workout. Weigh yourself before and after a workout, and drink enough over a few hours to return to pre-workout weight.
  12. DesignerWhey Protein2Go is a great post-workout recovery drink as it has electrolytes for optimal muscle coordination, heart and nerve function; Vitamins B & C stimulate recovery and support your immune system. These packets are easy to tuck into a purse or gym bag to supercharge your H2O and are only 50 calories!


What are your best tips for staying hydrated? Any favorite water bottles we should know about?


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