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Protein Powder 101




Got protein questions? We chatted with sponsor Designer Whey on Twitter about the basics of protein: the where, the how and the why.


What is protein? 

Protein is the key building block for tissue repair in hair, skin, nails, and muscle. Body proteins are continually being broken down for energy and repair; the proteins we eat replace them.

What is the difference between a complete protein & incomplete protein? 

A complete (high-quality) protein contains all your essential amino acids. Essential amino acids can’t be made by the body; so it’s essential they are provided through diet.

What foods can you find protein in? 

Complete proteins are generally found in animal products—there are exceptions, such as soy or spirulina. Animal products can carry a lot of fat, so it’s best to find lean sources of protein when possible. Vegetarians can also achieve complete proteins through food pairings.

Why are protein shakes associated with fitness and muscle building?

When you exercise, you cause muscle tears; your body sees these as injuries and repairs using protein. These repaired muscles make you stronger, faster. The quality of the protein influences the quality of the repair and resulting muscle build.

Along with high quality protein, your body requires vitamins, minerals, fats, carbs and plenty of rest to repair and rebuild muscle.

Why is protein associated with weight loss? 

Protein is filling, so it helps you to feel fuller for longer. You’ll feel less impulse to snack. Designer Whey provides 18g of high-quality protein at only 100 nutrient-dense calories.

How much protein do you need? 

The amount of protein an individual will need depends on their goals & activity levels. Women need roughly 46g a day. You can use this protein calculator as a guide.

What’s the difference among all the proteins available on the market? 

There are two classes of protein: animal protein (whey, egg, casein) and plant protein.

  • Whey absorbs the fastest within your body after a workout and has the highest biological value of any protein.
  • Egg is a complete protein and is absorbed slower than whey, but faster than casein.
  • Casein is also a complete protein but is absorbed the slowest, so it is usually taken at night for overnight recovery.
  • Within plant proteins, soy is the most complete with all essential amino acids. It absorbs faster than casein but slower than whey.
  • Rice, hemp and other plant proteins are favored for vegetarian diets but are not complete with all the essential amino acids. Therefore vegetarians will need to mix & match plant proteins to get all amino acids.

Are there optimal times to get your protein?

For muscle repair, get your protein post-workout; within 30 minutes is ideal. For weight control, research shows protein at breakfast helps curb hunger throughout the day.

Does Designer Whey only come as a powder for shakes?

Nope! In addition to a variety of great-tasting powder flavors like Strawberry, White Chocolate and Vanilla Praline, Designer Whey offers ready-to-drink shakes, citrusy Protein 2Go packets and protein bars.

Where can I find protein powder recipes?

The Designer Whey website has great recipes- some from FitFluential Ambassadors! You can also follow Designer Whey on Facebook and Twitter or watch the #DesignerWhey hashtag on Twitter for more recipe inspiration.

Have a great protein powder recipe of your own? Post it in the comments!




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