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Trendy and Tasty! Blackberry Lemon Smoothie Recipe




Are blackberries the new “it” berry or “celebrity” food of the season? Firmenich, a company that researches, develops and supplies flavors to the food and beverage industry, reports that the blackberry has been holding court as “flavor of the year” since the beginning of 2014. It humors me that this humble fruit, once foraged by Civil War solders for medicinal reasons and plucked from backwoods brambles by country youngsters, is now the super star of fancy-schmancy restaurant menus and upscale packaged food products.

Trendiness aside, there are plenty of healthy reasons to love these little beauties – blackberries are brimming with cancer-fighting antioxidants, the seeds are rich in Omega-3s and a one-cup serving has only 62 calories. Plus, the sweet yet subtle nuances that blackberries deliver pair well with other flavors – like lemon! Check out my Blackberry Lemon Smoothie and be the judge!

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