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One Minute Meditation Part 5: Peace Breath

When we’re feeling anxious, there is often this fight-or-flight induced sensation – this feeling – that our emotions are controlling us. We have so much more power over our emotions than we realize, and all we need is our breath to anchor us back into the truth: peace goes with you wherever you go.

Peace is a choice that you make. Regardless of the circumstances of your life, you can, with devotion, find peace in every moment. This simple breath with the mantra Peace goes with me wherever I go is a beautiful one to take with you when you feel like you’ve lost any sense of peace and calm.

It’s been so awesome to hang with you here for these past five weeks and share with you these simple, instant, effective meditations. I can’t wait to see how they’re serving you.

Stay in touch here in the comments section of the blog and share how this and the other four breath practices supported you, and make sure to connect with me on social media (I’m @heatherwaxman everywhere) so you can share with me there.

Here’s to you taking inner peace back into your own hands (and breath!).

All love,


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