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New Balance lance la toute première chaussure de running imprimée en 3D

Since 3D printing has become *all the rage,* so many insanely cool 3D-printed products have surfaced—from musical instruments to cars. But the latest multi-dimensional excitement comes from New Balance, who announced in November 2015 that they’d be releasing the first-ever 3D-printed running shoe. After months of anticipation, the time has come: New Balance will be releasing 44 pairs at 9 a.m. EST on April 15 at the New Balance Experience Store in Boston and online at NewBalance.com.

Why just 44 pairs? It’s a nod to when the company was purchased 44 years ago on Patriot’s Day (a.k.a. Marathon Monday, the day of the Boston Marathon, which is coming up on April 18 this year). The new shoe, called the Zante Generate, has a 3D-printed midsole with a « honeycomb structure » that’s supposed to provide a perfect balance between flexibility, strength, weight and durability. The bootie of the shoe is taken from the Fresh Foam Zante v2 (one of New Balance’s other newer models), so they’ll lace up just like any other running shoe. Another cool feature: the midsoles are 3D-printed and the shoes are assembled all at the company’s factory in Lawrence, Massachusets.

Before you get too excited, a pair is going for a whopping $400, and the limited quantity means there might be Black Friday-level competition to get your hands on one. But even if you can’t snag one of the first-release pairs, stay tuned, because New Balance will be rolling out of the Zante Generate at flagship stores throughout the year.

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