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15 Workouts for the Legs and Glutes


Quads, Hamstrings & Glutes- get ready! This week all those muscles below the waist will be burning. It’s shorts and bikini season and we’re sharing workouts for strong, long legs. This post has 15 different workouts targeting the legs and glutes.

Read our safety statement first, and then get ready work those legs!

15 legs and booty workouts

Let’s get started with a workout that’s gonna get your legs and booty burning:

Work the lower body – legs and glutes for strong legs and booty – try this workout from personal trainer Steve Pfiester:

Booty Blast Workout from The Fit Cookie

Butt Blaster Challenge from Purley Twins

Leg Day Tips and Motivation from The Clean Eating Couple

Lean Legs and Great Glutes from The Fit Cookie

Ultimate Butt Workout from Pancakes Warriors

Lower Body Workout

I Just Wanna Pump … You Up from The Happy Health Freak

At-Home Booty Blast from The Fit Cookie

Booty Blaster Workout from Lean, Clean, and Brie

H.I.I.T Leg Workout from The Clean Eating Couple

Lower Body Pyramid from VEVA

Legs and Glutes Workout from Swell – FitnessLower Body Workout

Bikini Bottom Workout from The Live Fit Girls

30 Minute Lower Body Workout from Fresh, Fit, & Healthy

Glute and Leg Workout from This Runner’s Recipes

Lower Body Workout

Hope you enjoyed these 15 workouts targeting the LEGS and GLUTES! Want more free workouts?


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