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20 minutes d'exercices pour le mieux-être

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Be a better you.

Apparently, there’s this wonderfully elusive thing that we’ve heard so much about, but we don’t seem to have any. maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called “time.”

Oh, so you don’t have any either? Well, as it turns out that may not be such a bad thing when it comes to your workouts. Studies show that just 20 minutes a day is all you need to make real changes in your body.

With one 20 minute workout, you can boost your metabolism, burn plenty of calories, and reap the positive side effects of exercise as well. A happier mood, lower risk of heart disease, and a million other benefits are just 20 minutes away! Some science shows that the first 20 minutes of exercise are the most beneficial. If you want to live longer, do a 20 minute workout– mortality drops at a rate of 20% in the first 20 minutes of exercise. After that, the benefits of exercise tend to level off, or even become counterproductive if you push too hard for too long.

20 Minute Workout for Wellness

It seems that 20 is the magic number, and it’s something we can support realistically. Only 20 minutes of activity a day? Totally manageable! Our busy schedules would never allow for a 3 hour gym session, so knowing that the most beneficial part of your workout is the beginning, who needs a middle and an end? Take 20 minutes and change your life. And there’s no time like the present!

Thanks to Grokker, we can work out anytime, anywhere, with workouts right at our fingertips. Make those 20 minutes of exercise even easier by having them wherever you go! All of the workouts and videos are taught by Grokker‘s hand-picked experts, so you know you’re getting quality content. Check out a few of these 20 minute workouts below, and get moving! Plus, get a FREE month of Grokker Premium with code 20MINUTE!

20 Minute Home Workout

20 minute workouts

20 minute workouts

20 Minute Workouts

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