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5 raisons de commencer le yoga aujourd'hui

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If you haven’t already incorporated a yoga practice into your day, no doubt someone has informed you that you should. The most commonly given reasons for yoga are to destress from a trying day, to reconnect your spirit to your body, and to increase strength and flexibility. These are all great reasons to begin yoga, but here are five more reasons to embrace a yoga practice that you may not have considered yet.

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1. Yoga helps you to stretch yourself

No pun intended! Yes, yoga is a wonderful way to stretch your muscles. But it’s also a method of stretching yourself beyond your usual fitness routine. If you’ve been doing cardio and strength training for a while, your body is used to that regimen. Trying yoga is a completely different experience and will challenge your mind and muscles like never before.

2. Yoga improves body confidence

Yoga can be done by anyone with any body type, and will give you an appreciation for your body and what it can do. It will help you to appreciate where you are right now, while you work towards improving strength and flexibility in the future.

3. The only competition is YOU!

Yoga class has dim lighting, encouraging you to forget your neighbors and focus on your own progress. Unlike other fitness classes, you’re not trying to complete a certain number of moves or reps. Rather, you’re challenged to listen to your body, and respect what it can do TODAY.

4. Yoga is cleansing

Yes, cleansing to the spirit as you take time to calm and nourish, but also physically cleansing for the body as you sweat it out. Many yoga classes are heated to encourage more sweat, but any level of sweating during a session releases excess salts, alcohol, and toxins through your skin.

5. Yoga helps you to maintain balance

As we age we lose balance due to dulling senses and decreasing muscle mass and bone mass. Yoga is an excellent way to counteract that loss of stability as it strengthens all the muscles in the body, particularly in the core.

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