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5 Ways to Get Fit With Your Kids

5 ways to get fit with your kids

1)   Practice with your child

For older children, use the sport in which they participate to incorporate your own exercise. Does your children play soccer? Run around and kick the ball with them. How about baseball? Throw the ball and let them hit, then you be the one to retrieve the ball. Build your exercise into their practice, and you will both see benefits!

2)   Make it special

For an older child, your active time together can become your “special together time.” Whether you are taking a walk in the park or riding bikes together, hype up this time as your one on one time and your child will be more likely to want to come along (particularly if they are not teenagers!) This is one of my favorite ways to incorporate exercise with my family, because I get the dedicated time to focus on my toddler. Walking with him isn’t the same as power walking or running, but it does allow me to get some exercise while also enjoying his bubbly company and chatter.

3)   Workout while they play

This could be running sprints for HIIT in the yard while they play or doing pull-ups on the monkey bars, but you can find time to incorporate a good workout while your children play. You never know – they may even want to join you when they see you running around the yard!

4)   Join a Stroller Club

All over the country stroller clubs are popping up as a way for mothers of young children to get a workout with their child. From stroller runs to lunges to abs work while holding the baby, this can be a great way to incorporate your child into your workout routine. Check out Fit4Mom or Baby Boot Camp for more information.

5)   Set up an obstacle course

In your back yard or a local park, put cones to run around in a figure 8, a jump rope, hula-hoop, pushup or jumping jack station.  If you are at the park, you can incorporate the jungle gym part of the park for dips, pull ups, decline rows, etc. Make it a game and your kids are more likely to participate!

Lauren Keplinger is a health and fitness enthusiast, as well as an Army wife and mom to 2 toddlers. She talks about meal planning, finding a healthy balance, and striving to meet your goals while juggling parenthood over at Mommy’s Getting Strong. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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