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Best Pilates Home Workout



I’ve got a great workout for you today using the Pilates Ring. It’s one of my favorite “toys” to work out with. Today I am going to show you a few exercises you can do with the ring.

pilates ring workout

The Pilates ring was created and named by Joseph Pilates. Another name for the ring is the “magic circle”.  The beauty of the Pilates ring is that it takes up very little space so you can even pack it in your suitcase while you travel. It can be used to train everyone from the elderly to the professional athlete and everyone in-between.

You will find the Pilates ring made from different materials from flexible plastic to a flexible metal.  They come in different colors and different degrees of tension. I love my pink Pilates ring!


Helps to create leaner and longer muscles
Helps to improve posture
Great for building core strength
Helps to increase flexibility
Ideal for isometric training and to strengthen joints
Light weight, affordable and easy to transport
Great for beginners to advance
It’s challenging and fun!


 First, check out the moves, then follow along with the video to do the full workout!

Front Squeeze


Over Head Squeeze

Overhead Squeeze


Close Squeeze
Close Squeeze


Over The Rainbow Leg Lifts
Over The Rainbow Leg Lifts



High Raise Leg Lifts
High Raise Leg Lifts


In and Out Glides
In and Out Glides



Inner Thigh Leg Squeese & Holds

Inner Thigh Squeeze & Holds



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Have you tried Pilates?

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