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Clean Eating & Fitness: Emily’s Road to Better Health

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Clean Eating & Fitness - Emily's Transformation Story

These pictures below are difficult for me to look at. I spent over a decade heavy, overweight, the chubby girl, clinically obese. I had a hard time looking in the mirror.

One day I finally decided that something had to change. I started to study everything I could find about nutrition and health. I soaked it in, all the books, documentaries, and studies about food and how it effects the body. I was fascinated!

Everything I read convinced me that we needed to kick processed food to the curb and get back to eating real, nutritious, yet incredibly delicious food. Through cleaning up my family’s diet, and finding a new exercise routine that I love, I was able to quickly drop over 60 pounds.

Clean Eating & Fitness - Emily's Road to Better Health #TransformationTuesday

I thought I was at my goal weight and was very happy, but over the next year and without even trying, another 10 pounds naturally slipped away. My body just knew the right place that is healthy for me, and because I was nourishing it with great food, it was almost effortless to get there.

I have gone from a size 18 to a size 4, and have easily maintained my weight loss for about 3 years so far. More importantly, though, I have never felt better in my life! I want everyone in the world to have access to healthy, whole, delicious real food, so that they can know just how fabulous this feels!

Because I wanted to share my new found knowledge more effectively, I decided to go back to school. I researched several different schools and realized that for most colleges out there, I would spent 4+ years and tens of thousands of dollars to be a nutritionist or dietitian, and at the end of that schooling I would probably end up working in a hospital, trying to decide what kind of formula to put in people’s feedings tubes. That is not at all what I wanted to do!

Then I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I could learn to be an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I signed up as soon as I could, dove in right away, and I have enjoyed every minute. I am so glad that I made this choice! I am now coaching people and helping them transform their lives.

Throughout my transformation I was asked many questions, from what I was doing to what size I wear now. But the question I was asked most was, “What do you eat?” This site is an attempt to answer that question, and hopefully inspire other people along the way.

Clean Eating & Fitness - Emily's Road to Better Health #TransformationTuesday

Congrats, Emily! Have YOU made a transformation in health and fitness? Contact marissa@fitfluential.com to be featured in our #TransformationTuesday series!

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