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Fun Ways To Do Cardio That Don’t Include Running

Not a runner? That’s okay! There are plenty more ways to get your cardio in. Here’s how to get your heart rate going with some non-running cardio exercises.

Non-running cardio exercises

I’m just going to say it: I am not a runner.

I know. I wish I could, but I haven’t found the enjoyment in running that others do. It’s just not my thing. After feeling a strange sense of guilt for not enjoying it and trying over and over again, I realized – it’s okay! I don’t have to like running. It’s not my Fitness Found. And at FitFluential, we’re about helping you find your fitness. If that doesn’t include running, no problem! There are so many other ways to be active. So, instead of plodding through an exercise I don’t necessarily enjoy, I find more creative ways to include cardio in my workouts that don’t involve running. Here are my favorite non-running cardio exercises!

Tire Flips

Non-running cardio exercises | Tire flips

Flipping a tire…. let’s just say it’s easier said than done. The weight of tire may vary depending on the equipment at your gym, but it’s guaranteed to challenge you and get your heart rate up into the cardio zone. Use a tire that is heavy but movable with good form. Squatting down, grab hold under the tire and explode up to flip the tire over and away from you. Want more functional movements to get your heart rate up? Pin this quick, efficient HIIT workout for later – there’s no running but you’ll be crushing calories in no time!

Battle Ropes

Non-running cardio exercises | Battle Ropes

Battle ropes can be found at many gyms since they’ve become more popular, and it’s a way to do cardio that incorporates both upper and lower body in the same movement. Like with the tires, these ropes come in varying weights and lengths, so use what’s available at your gym, or you can buy your own! There are so many ways to train with battle ropes- I suggest watching this video to learn a few new tricks. TRY THIS jump rope circuit workout.

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Sled Pushes

Non-running cardio exercises | Sled Pushes

Okay, this one does involve a bit of running. Or at least walking. But, pushing (or pulling) a sled changes the focus from running to moving weight. With these, you can load up as much or as little weight as you desire by placing plates on the sled. Mark off a short distance in an open area, and move the sled as fast as you can from point A to point B, and then back.

Ball Slams

Non-running cardio exercises | Ball slams

This one is a favorite of mine. It’s explosive, it challenges your core, and it’s fun (as fun as a move this tiring can be!). I like to tell my students to get angry when they do these. Bring that ball all the way up overhead with full extension of the arms, legs and torso, then slam it down to the ground as hard as you can, finishing the movement in a squat position. Slam balls have a huge range in weight, but, word to the wise: use a slam ball. A regular old medicine could possibly break, and nothing ruins a workout like a broken medicine ball. Try this medicine ball workout for an awesome full body shred.

Jump Rope

Non-running cardio exercises | Jump rope

Jump rope is a classic form of cardio that is not done often enough! It involves only a little bit of space, jump ropes are extremely affordable, and it’s a fantastic conditioning form of cardio. Not only does it get your heart rate up and develop muscles in the legs, you can also increase ankle stability, overall agility, and coordination. That’s a win in my book. Pin this jump rope circuit workout to try later, you’ll get an awesome sweat on!

With these fun non-running cardio exercises, you have plenty of ways to work out! Even if you are a runner, I encourage you to try these options when you’re looking for a new challenge. And the list goes on, with rowing, bodyweight plyos and more! Experiment with different exercises to enjoy your next non-running cardio workout.

What do you do for cardio? Remember to supplement your cardio routines with strength training for best results!

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