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Get Up & Go: Morning Workout Tips

 The following post is sponsored by DailyBurn, Inc.

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Don’t you dare hit that snooze button – it’s time to get up and work out!

While waking up at the crack of dawn doesn’t seem ideal, working out in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your body. Not only are you starting the morning with the right mindset, you’re also firing up your metabolism to burn calories throughout the rest of the day! People who work out in the morning are more likely to stick to healthy habits for the rest of the day. But getting up bright and early doesn’t always come easily, so here are our top 5 tips for morning workouts.

  1. Have everything ready

Set out your workout clothes (heck, sleep in your workout clothes!), have your workout plan set, and have your food and supplements ready to go. Make it as easy as possible to just wake up, get dressed and start your workout. You can even have DailyBurn pre-loaded on your computer, tablet, or phone so all you have to do is press play.

  1. Get your energy up

Let’s be honest, no one just pops out of bed at 5:30am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you do, we salute you, but some of us need an extra helping hand. We love taking a shot of espresso or using a pre-workout supplement with pure ingredients. DailyBurn Pre gives you energy  and the right nutrients to start your day and crush your workout. And don’t worry – no jitters here. It’s crisp, focused energy. As always, consult your doctor before taking supplements.

Get your energy up with DailyBurn Pre

  1. Look forward to your workout

If you hate running (gasp!), the last thing you’ll want to do is wake up and run. If you have a workout you enjoy and have fun doing, you’ll look forward to waking up and getting sweaty! Finding a program you can have fun with is easy with DailyBurn. With workout styles to suit every style, from dance to high-intensity interval training, you’ll easily find an effective workout program that you love.

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  1. Get inspired

What is your inspiration for working out? Are you looking forward to a specific date (birthday, vacation, wedding)? Rename your alarm clock on your phone to count down the days – “8 weeks until Costa Rica!” Sounds cheesy, but it works. Seeing your motivation first thing in the morning will inspire you to wake up and crush your workout.

  1. Know you’ll never regret it

Every workout is a step closer to your goals. You know you’ll feel great afterwards, and you can carry that energy through the rest of your day. Especially if the only time you have for your workout is early in the morning before work, you don’t want to skip it and regret missing it. It all comes down to you – how bad do you want it?

Set your alarm, get everything ready, and get up and go! We know you can do it, and we know you’ll be glad you did! And what you do after your workout is just as important as what you do during it — be sure to recover with DailyBurn Post. It has the hydration, nutrients, and BCAAs you need to recover well and get the most out of your workout, with support for building those lean muscles.

Recover with DailyBurn Post

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What are some of your favorite morning workout tips?

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