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Leg Day Workout

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Tone those legs and buns and amplify your workout with the RXACTIVE Resistance Pants shown here in this leg workout that are sure to get those muscles burning! Try this leg day workout and burn up to 14% more calories when you wear RXACTIVE.
Leg Day Workout

1. Walking Lunges

Make sure your knee stays over your ankle not your toes and push through your heels as you stand up to take a step forward. 4 sets of 15 each leg.

Walking Lunges

2. Pop Squats over an aerobic step

Squat deep and get some momentum to jump with feet together on the platform and repeat. 3 set of 20 reps.

Click here to see Pop Squats DemoPop Squat with a Step

3. Lying One Legged Hip Raises

You can do these on a Bosu ball to make this exercise more challenging. Push through your heel and squeeze he glue and hamstrings as you raise your hips towards ceilings. 4 sets of 20 reps each side

Click here to see Lying One legged Hip Raises Demo.       Single Leg Bridge on Bosu Ball

4. Step Ups on a Plyo Box

Keep your foot planted on the top of the ploy box. Step up and drive the opposite knee up. Step back down and stabilize your footing and repeat. 3 sets of 15 each leg.

Start:                                                                                      Finish:

Step Ups with Kettlebell

5. Wide Squats with a Weighted Bar

Turn toes slightly out and squat deep while keeping chest high and shoulders back. Resist the urge to lean forward. 4 sets of 15 reps.

Click Here to see Wide Squats With Weighted Bar Demo

Wide Squats with Weighted Bar

Take your time trying these leg exercises and modify as needed based on your level of experience and physical ability.

If you’re looking to supercharge your workout by burning more calories and toning muscle more effectively, the answer could lie in what you’re wearing. RXACTIVE allows you to wear your resistance, with technology designed to increase activation of muscle groups by up to 23%. Developed by a team of medical students, designers, and athletes at NYU, they’ve applied principles from anatomy and kinesiology to invent a new kind of resistance-enhanced fitness wear that maximizes workout efficiency.

I did for sure feel the resistance in the pants and they did provide more resistance than regular workout or compression pants.

– Whitney Jones, IFBB Fitness Pro

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