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Push Your Pace: Tracking Your Running Progress

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Running is a true test of speed and endurance, for both beginners and those who are more advanced. It can also be easy to get “comfortable” with running. Have you been running the same 5K pace for the past months? Do you run every day, but always follow the same route? It might be time to switch things up.

It’s just as important to track your progress in running as any other form of exercise, and it seems pretty basic. You just run, right? Easy enough. Maybe you use a few apps to track your time. Maybe you take a picture of your watch with your time and calorie burn to post on Instagram. That’s all well and good, but with a more focused approach to tracking your running, you can start to push yourself more and make some serious progress!

Tracking Your Running Progress

How to track your running progress

Keep a log

If you are already using an app like Strava or RunKeeper, you can easily see a log of your past runs. Now it’s time to put that to good use! Look through your past runs and see how your time and distance has been. Is it pretty consistent? Has it gotten easy for you to maintain that pace? If you notice that your time has remained the same for a while, make a conscious effort while running to push yourself a little bit faster. Use an app or watch to keep track. The Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ syncs with several of your favorite running apps, so you won’t even need to worry about bringing your phone with you.

Run for it

If you want to get better at running, you have to run for it. Make it a focus to complete at least one run per week in which you really focus on your pace. Even if that’s just running one mile or a 5K as fast as you can. During a regular run, you may not feel yourself slow down or settle into a comfortable pace. While a comfortable pace is great for longer runs, we’re focusing on pushing your pace and increasing your speed. And it’s nice to have a little help with that- little beeps from the ONE GPS+ let you know when you’re starting to slow down so that you can speed up. Keep track of your mile or 5K pace on these focused runs and watch your time go down.

Pushing Your Pace: How to Track Progress As a Runner

Incorporate different running styles

Interval running is a fantastic way to build your speed, as are hill sprints, fartleks, and other running styles. While you do need to practice running a half marathon in order to get better at a half marathon, that’s not the only thing you need to do. There are so many possible intervals for running, and each of them serve a purpose to increase your speed and endurance. Set the interval timer on your ONE GPS+ and go – the watch will beep when it’s time to break into a sprint and when it time to jog it out.

Tracking your running progress is easy when you have the right tools. The Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ is a watch… but not just a watch. This watch tracks your time, distance, and pace, while syncing effortlessly with your favorite apps on your phone. Because bringing your phone on a run is so last year, this ONE GPS+ not only syncs with your apps, it also holds your music, tracks your location, and sends/receives messages. Do it all from the ONE GPS+.

Pushing Your Pace: How to Track Progress As a Runner

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