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Recharge every now and then

Living the work or study life can be quite busy and challenging. Sometimes it feels like you don’t have any time to do something just for yourself and you are racing against time. We do need the time to recharge ourselves every now and then to ensure us Fit Girls can keep running the world ? So take the time now to have this moment for yourself and read 9 ways of how to recharge yourself.

We all carry personal energy with us. Personally, I like it when my personal energy shines and sparkles, but sometimes it’s just not there. I didn’t lose it but it suffers from external (100 things-to-do-lists) or internal (stress) negativity. When you feel like your life is sucking your personal energy out of your strong and muscular body, STOP with what you are doing and BREATHE! Take a deep breath and release. You can literally breathe out the internal negativity you carry with you and exhale. Then inhale fresh oxygen to lift up your personal energy again. Repeat and you will experience your breathing will get into a easy pace and you clear your head if you focus on your breathing. “Inhale the good sh*t and exhale the bullsh*t!” ?

I think I can say taking a shower is one of my favourite activities of my day! Especially after a good work-out or when I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. If you feel stressed out, your mind is running over with all the things you have to do. A hot shower or bath can release the tension in your body. And while you are taking a shower or the time to have a bath try to clear your mind of your busy life. This doesn’t have to be a 30minute session (don’t spoil water) but a ritual you repeat every day. And it doesn’t even take extra time of your busy schedule! Win win! ?

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