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Running like a shooting star

Dark winter nights won’t stop us from running right, girls? But it is best to prepare yourselves well, so I selected my favorite gear and gadgets that lighten you up like a star. Everybody will be able to see how awesomely fast and stylish you run. Running like a shooting star!

Cona neon led schoenverlichting
Neon led shoe lights

These shoelights from Cona are not only efficient in dark places, they also look pretty awesome too! The Cona’s fit on any shoe and are easy to clip on and off. They look so awesome and remind me of the sneakers I had as a kid ?




Reflective cap

nike featherlight 2

I got two favorites, from Nike and Forever 21 . Nike is all white and easy to spot.





The cap from Forever 21 had the reflective element and has a nice a neon colour. The last one is very affordable if you compare it to other reflective headwear.Forever 21 reflective hat




Reflective Tights and Jackets

I am a huge fan of the Nike Flash collection. Their jackets and tights really make you shine like a shooting star. My number one favorite: The Nike dri-fit printed reflective tight. The tight is very good foNike Dri-fit reflective leggingr cold surroundings and the print is awesome! Be sure to check the whole collection!







Talking about shooting stars, last weekend I had this amazing shoot with the international known Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde. His designs are innovative, creative and nothing like you have seen before! Check it out…

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