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Stay MOTOvated: 5 Tips for Running Past Winter Blues

Brr. Has winter brought an unwelcome cold front to your running regimen? Despite cooler temps, now is not the time to negate our training. Stay motivated to run this winter with the help of the Moto360 Sport! Get #MOTOvated!

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How to Stay Motivated to Run: 5 Tips for Running Past Winter Blues

For most of the year, joggers and runners can be seen enjoying a workout on every block. Then the running population slowly takes a major dip. The culprit: winter. Now, runners are almost like an endangered species. There’s a few out there, but spotting one with your own two eyes becomes increasingly rare.

With a combination of dropping temps, unpredictable weather and shorter days, winter seems to bring on an overall sense of “meh.” You don’t need me to tell you this is not an ideal situation for your fitness goals, even with your New Year’s Resolutions still fresh in your mind. Beat the odds this winter and turn the “off season” into “ON season.” Follow these 5 tips to get your runs in and stay #MOTOvated.

Register for Races
Nothing will keep you motivated to run like an upcoming race. In fact, you may already be signed up for a race this spring (and that’s awesome!). But don’t let that be the only race you’re working towards. Filling up your winter calendar with events will not only keep you on track to cross the finish down the road, but it’s also a great way to stay motivated to train weekly.

Dress Appropriately 
When you step outside, you are initially going to be cold. But that doesn’t mean you should run back inside for an extra layer. You will quickly get warmed up, and nothing will kill running vibes like being overheated. Stay motivated to run longer and faster by dressing comfortably. Additionally, forget your bulky phone and noisy keys. Strap on the Moto 360 Sport digital timepiece instead! It’s a light, sleek and effective way to track your runs and reap the benefits of a smartwatch (i.e., sleek design and useful notifications). Style, utility and stats rolled into one! What could be better?

5 Tips for How to Stay Motivated to Run During Winter

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Get New Gear
Who doesn’t love new stuff? If anything is going to get you outside this winter, it’s going to be those new running tights, gloves, headbands, and of course, shoes. The latest technology doesn’t hurt, either. Complete the ensemble and invest in a running watch like the Moto 360 Sport! It has built-in GPS and can track your distance, time, heart rate and more, making it a surefire way to get excited about those early morning dates with the pavement (and look good doing it). Plus it’s powered by AndroidWearTM so you can receive notifications (is that a Google Calendar notification you just saw?) Plus, you can store and play music directly from your watch to your Bluetooth headphones.

Keep Your Goal in Sight
Why do you run? Is it to stay in shape? Let off steam and stay centered? Lose weight and look great for an upcoming trip or bathing suit season? Whatever the reason, keep it top of mind. Try on your bathing suit in the middle of February if you have to! This will keep your goals in clear sight and act as a reminder to get up and running. Remember – simply thinking about your goals might not be enough to put them into action. Get an extra boost from your activity tracker or smartwatch. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or get fit, the Moto 360 Sport will be your personal cheerleader. Sync it with fitness apps like Fitbit, MapMyRun, Strava and more, so your workout history is always up to date.

Moto 360 Sport: How to Stay Motivated to Run

Seize the Day
Winter is truly hit or miss. A snowy day here, a rainy day there…and then BOOM. You wake up to sunny skies and above frigid temps.  Take advantage of the “nice” days and go for an outdoor run. Enjoying this time will reinstate your love for running and help you look forward to future workouts. Hitting the outdoor trails? Bright sunlight can sometimes make it difficult to view your screen, especially on a run. The AnyLight Display on Moto 360 Sport makes it easier to see your important stats by letting natural light illuminate your screen. If you’re staying indoors with the treadmill, Moto 360 Sport has a special indoor mode to help keep you motivated inside or out.

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How do YOU stay MOTOvated to run?

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