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True To You “Train Like An Athlete” [Part One]

Train Like An Athlete

Hey all! I’m back with some new workout ideas that you can incorporate into your weeks!

Train Like An Athlete

You may be hearing throughout the interwebs to focus on “training like an athlete” whether or not you’re on a sports team.
Train Like An Athlete

Being a Strength & Conditioning Coach, I think that anyone can benefit from adding in more athletic movements to their weeks. After all, getting out there and doing what you love in the fitness world IS being an athlete if you ask me!

I get to work with youth athletes weekly from tennis players to dancers to soccer players. I absolutely love what I do and seeing progress in their on & off the field is what fuels me as a coach.

Train Like An Athlete

I believe that challenging our bodies in new ways like trying out a ladder drill or utilizing hurdles for conditioning instead of getting on an elliptical is an amazing way to see gains in performance.

I often take video of my athletes to keep record of what we did and share with others so they can think of new ideas to use in their weekly training.

Train Like An Athlete

I want to bring you on the field with my athletes through video & hopefully inspire you to try some new things!

Today is PART ONE of my Train Like An Athlete series and in these videos you will see;

  1. Push Up Bench Walk-Overs
    1. Use an elevated bench to walk up and over in a plank position, do a push up, & then continue to the other side.
  2. Weighted 1 Leg V-Ups
    1. Can be done with or without weight.
  3. Balancing Disc Muscle Rope Waves
    1. Can be done with or without inflated discs. Make sure to bend the knees slightly and keep core tight.
  4. Group V-Sit Ball Pass
    1. Fun way to get the whole group involved! I like to use this as a “burn out” or the last movement that we do in the training session. Make sure to keep the core tight and back flat.
  5. Standing Over-Head Press
    1. Find a weight that works for your ability level. Use your core to stabilize the movement & keep it tight as you overhead press.
  6. Split Squats
    1. Can be done with or without weights. Focus on your front heel to push off and get the glutes active!
  7. 1 Foot Ladder Drills
    1. Can be done in any direction. Focus on 1 foot on the way down and then either switch or continue on that side for a certain period of time.
  8. 1 Foot Hurdle Hops
    1. Make sure to cushion your landing by slightly bending your knee to absorb impact before taking off to the next jump.

As you can see, I like to throw in different movement patterns like lateral movements and forward/backward movements. I also like to switch things up with 1 foot drills so that you can focus in on one side, strengthen that movement, and then move on to the next.

I believe the more you challenge your body in different directions and movements – the more progress you can see in your own athletics!

Keep an eye out for PART TWO as I will continue sharing ways you can train like the athlete that you already are!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

Train Like An Athlete

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