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Upside down workout: handstand

As a kid I rather walked on my hands than on my feet. I loved doing upside downs and inversions. I drove my parents crazy by kicking over everything in the house and constantly drawing all the attention. But all those footprints on their pretty white walls have not been for nothing. It resulted in having a good balance and a strong upper body with quite large shoulders. Want it? Let’s kick those feet up in the air!

IMG_0076I still love doing some upside down fitness. Handstands are a great way to practice core stability. All the people that have seen my Instagram account  probably noticed some upside down uploads every once in a while. I just have to do handstands every now and then! And I think you should do too! Don’t worry, we’re gonna take it easy!

First of all, do not use a yoga mat or blanket. It will slip away for sure, way too risky! Just practice on a basic floor or carpet/grass. Pick a wall that is large enough to do a handstand (raise your arms and stand in front of it, does it still fit? Perfect!) and make sure there is nothing behind you like people or obstacles. Face the wall and put your hands (shoulder width) on the floor right in front of the wall. Your booty is up in the air but your hands and feet are down (it looks kind of like the downward dog yoga position). Try to kick one leg up in the air (the other will probably follow) until you feel the wall. There it is, extend your legs until your body is in line with your hands and shoulders and you have a wall-stand! If you can do this in 1 fluent movement try to step a bit further away from the wall and try again.

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