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The Ultimate #RunForFun Running Playlist

The right tempo of running songs can help you pick up your pace, and the effect of tunes is even more prominent in females than in males, says a study published in the journal Sports Medicine. And even better news for those who are prepping for a 5K: Brazilian researchers found that motivational jams not only naturally crank up your MPH, but can also light up brain areas associate with positive emotions and speed up post-race recovery.

So what are you waiting for? Feel the power during our 30-day #RunForFun challenge with this free playlist with picks from Deekron, « The Fitness DJ » and founder of MotionTraxx.com. With everything from teen pop (Demi) to rock (Fall Out Boy) to rap (No-no-notorious) to club anthems (David Guetta), nearly every music genre is covered. Listen below now, then subscribe to the playlist on Spotify to take your tunes to go.

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