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I Did 20 Minutes of Extra Cardio a Day For 1 Week, and This Is Why I’ll Never Do It Again

I do CrossFit four to five times a week, at 5:45 a.m. The awesomely grueling workouts involve everything from lifting heavy weights to rowing to box jumps to jumping rope to pull-ups. I definitely feel like I get in a great workout, and my body feels ready to start the …

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Chicken Breast Recipes To Make You Enjoy Eating Chicken Again

Share5 Tweet Pin29 Share Photos: Hungry Hobby Chicken breast is a staple in any fit person’s diet, but it can get pretty boring pretty fast if you don’t do it right. Creativity when it comes to these foods that you eat every single day is key! Don’t get stuck in …

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Learn To Love Salads Again With These Salad Swaps

Hi! I’m Brittany, a certified health coach, salad lover and the founder of Eating Bird Food. Rather than promoting a specific diet, I share real-food, plant-focused meals that are healthy, delicious and satisfying. One of my go-to tips for eating healthier (and losing weight if that’s a goal) is to …

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Never Diet Again: 5 Mindless Ways to Build Healthy Habits

Photo by Jan Vašek Nowadays, “mindfulness” is the name of the weight loss game. You’ve heard the tips: Turn off your TV at dinner. Chew a million times before swallowing. Eat in silence. But sometimes life just gets in the way! And you know what’s easier than trying to live mindfully …

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